Dr Amer Kudi


Dr. Amer takes enormous pleasure from seeing his patients achieve their health goals. An active member of the Chiropractic industry he has served as a lecturer, mentor, soft-tissue therapist and movement coach. Dr. Amer has a Master of Clinical Chiropractic and a Diploma in Sports Kinesiology and is a Fellow of the Gray Institute of Applied Functional Science. Deploying a range of therapeutic techniques, Dr Amer helps his clients address their health concerns which may include rehabilitation, postural misalignment, chronic and acute complaints. While Dr. Amer enjoys treating people of all ages, he has a passion for helping all levels of sporting athletes strive to achieve their sporting goals. He achieves this by combining his knowledge of Sports Kinesiology and Chiropractic.

Dr. Amer’s techniques include:

  • Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing)
  • Diversified (manual adjusting)
  • Activator (low force technique)
  • Visceral Biomechanics (Organ Biomechanics)
  • Extremity adjusting (foot, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist and TMJ)
  • Sports Kinesiology

Dr. Amer’s goal is simple: to help you to bring your body into alignment and create an environment in which movement patterns can be restored.

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Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday: 8am – 6:30pm

Saturday: 8am – 12:00pm

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