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At Point Cook Health Centre, we’re here for you and your family

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We’re here for you during times of ill health, and we are here for you when you want to maintain positive health.

Although each of our team has a focus in different modalities, we are bonded by our shared passion for seeing patients enjoy optimum health, regardless of their stage of life.

We understand that modern day living can take its toll on our bodies. It’s easy to sometimes dismiss the tensions in our bodies as lifestyle or age related.  Our busy lifestyles can place a tremendous amount of stress on our bodies. These stressors can impact the bodies spine, muscles, the hormone / brain chemistry, bowel function or postural health.

We’re here for you with a range of services. Feel free to browse the site for a modality that speaks to you or call and speak to of our friendly staff who can direct you to the practitioner best suited to you and your needs.

17 Dunnings Road

Point Cook

Victoria 3030

Phone: 03 8353 8333

Fax: 03 8375 2501

Email: pointcookhealth@gmail.com

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday: 8am – 6:30pm

Saturday: 8am – 12:00pm

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